Invest in community Artists

Invest in community Artists are people who live in your community.  Communities with distinctive character are more likely to attract entrepreneurs and skilled workers who will put down roots.

Buy Local

Buy Local ! Love Local ! Have fun

Buying locally is also gives us fun corner

 Economic impact studies have shown that

 when you buy from local entrepreneurs,

some of them are artists more of

 your money stays in the

community continuing to

support the economy

economic base of

the community.

Being surrounded by things you love

Being surrounded by things you love gives you a sense of comfort, pleasure, and overall enjoyment. Artists can create a mood or feeling with every piece of art, promoting positive mental health.

Get something unique

Get something unique 

The artist marketplace is loaded 

with innumerable unique 

and creative items, 

perfect to bring your life 

Support community

Support community classes 

250% more money comes from small 

businesses to support non-profit 

organizations than from large 

businesses. Artists give 

generously to local non-profits. 

Fill your frame with beautiful things

Purchasing beautiful things enhances the atmosphere in all living spaces, whether it’s in your home, your office, or some other place you frequent. Art brings warmth, humanity, character, and inspiration into spaces, which improves overall quality of life

Put your taxes to good use

There such a wonderful array of talented artists in 

the area and they can’t sustain 

their work without purchasing 

support. It’s an economic 

development fact. 

What is good for 

them is good for 

the local economy too. 

Keep our community excellent

Keep our community excellent 

The unique character of our community is defined 

by our activities. The unique art in your 

area is vital to that definition 

and can only exist with 

continued local support. 

Buying pieces from local artists is an investment

The original pieces you purchase from artists in your community will only grow in value over time, plus since you will know your artist, negotiating prices becomes a lot easier! Local artists want to promote their work and gain visibility so prices are affordable.

Why to support local art

Save the environment 

Many local artists recycle, reuse 

and repurpose items to 

create their work 

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